Luxurious Clinic for Abu Dhabi

A new women-only wellness centre will offer specialist services in beautiful surroundings
Luxurious Clinic for Abu Dhabi
The interior of the planned clinic

Luxury is pretty much par for the course when it comes to spas but the opposite is usually true for clinics and medical facilities. Which seems a little strange: since preventative medicine is way more important for our health than a bit of pampering or a nice massage, wouldn’t it be better to create attractive surroundings that encourage us to use health-screening services more?

That’s the thinking behind a new women’s wellness centre that’s planned to open in the capital in January. Abu Dhabi-based United Eastern Medical (UEMedical) has joined forces with Parkway, a Singaporean specialist in the field, to create LUXE Wellness Centre for Women. The centre will combine state-of-the-art diagnostic screening with the services of specialist doctors in the field of women’s wellness and a medically-based aesthetics programme - and it will all be offered in a very private and luxurious setting: think designer furniture, soothing music and even special scents diffused into the air.

Suddenly the prospect of a bone density scan or blood pressure checkup seems like a lovely way to spend some time, not just a boring necessity. What a great way to encourage us to take care of ourselves!