Ahlan Hot 100 Homes, Lucy Chow

Lucy Chow

18 Jun 2014

The Meadows

Lucy Chow moved from Hong Kong straight into the comfort of her Meadows home six years ago, and has no intention of leaving. The owner of The Elements Group, who lives with her husband, seven-year old son Max, nanny Linda and schnauzer, Sonic, has a distinctly far Eastern aesthetic for her home. “It’s filled with art and pieces from countries we have lived in and travelled to. We were so inspired by the resorts and villas in SE Asia,” she elaborates, admitting that it is predominantly Asian in feel due to the fact that they were expats in Hong Kong for a lengthy period of time. 

It was, however, important for Lucy to add aspects of the Middle East into her decor too. “I was quite surprised after interspersing pieces from this region into our existing decor to see that the two blended seamlessly together,” she says. Items she picked up in Dubai that dovetailed effortlessly with her home’s decor include a favourite piece – an elegant Moroccan-influenced light fixture from THE One. “There are fragments of glass embedded into the metal. I thought it was going to project a soft white light but when we turned it on after installation, we realised each piece of glass was multi-coloured. The shape of the fixture is gorgeous and it is more so when lit and you see the beautiful coloured glass.”

The artwork is from Vietnam. “In my office I have two stunning, vibrant pieces done in chalk, depicting oxen, women and the jungle. When you turn the pieces over (I have them framed in plexiglass), the artist has used ordinary newsprint – the Hanoi equivalent of the Financial Times – as his canvas!” 

Perhaps most amusing is the juxtaposition between her Far-Eastern interiors and the kitsch collection of internationally sourced Starbucks mugs displayed in a specially constructed case. “It started with cities we had visited and then someone gave me one that was hard to get and it became a slippery slope. I have some from countries I have yet to visit!” she laughs. 

Top Tips
● Keep pieces you’ll always cherish. Items from shared experiences such as travel make for mementos of your journey as a family
● If a room doesn’t work, change it. Sometimes ‘grown up’ furniture might be what you think you ought to have, but more fun pieces could be what draw you into a room on a day-to-day basis.
● Fresh flowers lift a room. It’s an extravagance, but can really elevate your mood, especially in the summer months when there are fewer opportunities to spend time outdoors.