Kelly Brook's Revenge

Kelly Brook's Revenge

04 Sep 2013

Smoking hot Kelly Brook shows ex Danny Cipriani what he's missing

Rugby pro Danny Cipriani, most famous for playing away these days, will be kicking himself after seeing his ex Kelly Brook acting the vixen in a new pop video. Liverpool-based band Lawson chose curvy Kelly, 33, to be the star of the video for their latest track, Juliet – and, having seen pre-release footage, we can confirm she looks smokin’!

Donning a red basque and lipstick to match, she smolders on screen. And, according to one source, Lawson’s lead singer Andy Brown also thinks she’s hot. “Andy has always had a massive crush on Kelly. He was like a love-sick puppy and couldn’t stop flirting. They got on really well, swapped numbers and Andy has been bragging they’re in constant text contact. He believes Kelly is massively flirting with him,” spilled the source to The Mirror newspaper, adding, “Andy has been saying he loves her banter and they’ve been swapping pictures!”

Kelly also sounds keen, tweeting after filming the video: “Probably had the best day ever!” Catch that, Danny?