5 of the best Tweets from residents about Love Is Blind

5 of the best Tweets from residents about Love Is Blind

26 Feb 2020

"Started watching Love Is Blind just to make fun of it and now I’m 37 mins in and crying because Cameron is in love with Lauren...."

Firstly, if you haven't watched Love Is Blind by now, you need to get it together! This Netflix show is serving all things cringe, drama and love. It may seem like a pretty odd combination, but trust us, once you finish binge watching all available episodes at once (which you deffo will), you'll get what we're talking about. 

Its been so funny seeing all the responses from viewers, so we took some time to compile a list of some of the funniest tweets we've come across. 

5. A few days in and some of the participants were already talking about how strong of a connection they made with the others. 

4. This one is funny because it's true. We don't know what it is about trash TV that makes you develop such a love-hate relationship with it. You love it because its entertaining and can't stop watching it, but its also the worst thing you've ever seen (intense thinking face).

3. This is where it gets awkward because its only been four days and the L word is being exchanged between Cameron and Lauren! Its all so cringe..but..its also..cute? (Scared because this show is srsly confusing my feelings. What about you?) 

2.One of our favourite tweets because you'll discover that these ladies LOVE them some wine! Totes not judging, but wouldn't be shocked if some of these so-called connections, were the result of some tipsy talk...

1.We love Love!!

Anyway, we're looking forward to see you live tweeting today's episode!