US actress Julianne Moore

A-Lounge for an A-Lister

20 Oct 2010

East-meets-west-meets Julianne Moore, Clive Owens and Adrien Brody

The Abu Dhabi Film Festival has attracted some of the biggest Hollywood names in history – Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Adrien Brody and Uma Thurman. And while it is a huge treat for guests at the event to catch a glimpse of the uber famous, Jill Downie and Katherine Raso thought that it was only fair that these celebs get something out of the deal too – other than a free airfare and accommodation. Welcome the A-Lounge.

A little piece of paradise set up at Emirates Palace for the celebs to chill, catch up on the day’s event schedule and collect an east-meets-west souvenir. Fancy a Zadig Voltaire tee? Clive Owens snagged two for his daughters. An Ice Watches? Got one of those two! How about jewellery by Nadine Kanso, Gita Cosmetics or a nail spa treatment by Tips Toes? Adrien Brody’s mum booked in for a mani-pedi. There were also luxury Abayas by Amal Murad, Al nassma luxury camel milk chocolates, jewels from By Sophie, Sugar Daddy’s cupcakes and coffee table books from Books Arabia.

“What we love is the ability to offer visiting celebrities and VIPs something different and exciting,” says Jill Downie, founder of Aziza Communications. “We want them to take a little piece of Arabia home with them. We mesh the best of local talent with new and exciting International brands and showcase them in a calming, exclusive setting.”

And if the personalized magnum of Moet that Adrien Brody bagged doesn’t say “personel” then we don’t know what does. Oh to be famous!

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