Louis warned: ‘There’s a target on your back!’

ByAoife Stuart-MadgeMonday , 03 April 2017
Louis warned: ‘There’s a target on your back!’
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Louis Tomlinson

After news that the snapper who was involved in an airport scuffle with Louis Tomlinson earlier this month had previously boasted of goading celebs into violence, the One Direction star has been warned that he is an open target for LA’s baying mob of paparazzi.

The Brit boy band star and his on-again girlfriend Eleanor Calder were returning from a holiday in Las Vegas to LAX when they clashed with notorious photographer Karl Larsen. Footage of the incident published on Radar Online shows both Louis and Karl fall to the ground during the tussle while Eleanor simultaneously became involved in a scrap with a fan who was allegedly filming the brawl on her phone. After Louis, 25, intervened, the fan accused him of “socking” her in the face, and he was arrested and later released on a $20,000 (Dhs5,445) bond.

Now, it’s emerged that the pap in question had previously bragged in an interview that his M.O. with celebrities was to provoke them for an aggressive reaction. Speaking on Howard Stern’s radio show back in 2010 – following a videoed confrontation he had with Mel Gibson – Karl bragged about the insults he had hurled at the Braveheart star hoping he could catch the reaction on film. He said, “I thought we were gonna be rich because it was the first video of Mel coming up to a car, whatever he does, whether he hits the car or pounds on the car… I knew it was gonna be great….Paparazzi 101 is, you don’t want to confront anybody. You just want them to dig their own hole,” said the snapper.

After Louis’ arrest, a host of celebs have jumped to his defence including Alec Baldwin – who has history with hot head behaviour caught on tape. The 30 Rock star – who was recorded calling his daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig” in an angry telephone rant in 2007 – had some sage advice for the young star. “It’s never a good idea to respond but if you do, I say to people, they got the better of you – try to do better,” he told Good Morning Britain. Adding, “When you’re young and you don’t have a wife or especially children, use that money now for a bodyguard.”

Meanwhile Louis has hired celebrity lawyer Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Singer, known as Hollywood’s Mr Fix-It ahead of his court hearing on 29 March.

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