Corey Haim and his mum, Judy

Lost Boys star Corey Haim found dead

11 Mar 2010

Overdose kills child star

COREY HAIM was found unresponsive by his mother JUDY HAIM in her home on Wednesday. He was taken to a hospital in Burbank, California where he was pronounced dead. It is suspected that he died from an apparent overdose.

In the days leading up to his death, the producers from American television show Celebrity Rehab, reached out to the actor in a bid to help him overcome his problem.

"Our producers reached out recently to him but he was angry," said television drug counselor DR. DREW PINKSY.

“People have been reaching out to me about him for years. His name has come up on every season of Celebrity Rehab. Even people on Twitter were contacting me asking me to do something for poor COREY HAIM. Well I would have been happy to."

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