Lose Weight in the UAE!

Oh no! UAE experts warn that wearing baggy clothes can make you fat...
Sunday , 16 December 2012
Lose Weight in the UAE!

Put those fat jeans away, ladies, and invest in some seriously tight skinnies if you want to lose weight!

Experts in Dubai have warned that buying and wearing bigger clothes can actually make us put on weight. Say it ain't so?

"It's not only the numbers on the scale that indicate weight
because everybody has a different body type. I always say size is key." Hala Abu Taha, a nutritionist at Right Bite
in Dubai told The National. Ms Abu Taha recommends
that her clients buy a pair of snug jeans to monitor their progress.

She added, "We start at a
recommended size and then slowly go down to smaller sizes through healthy
changes until they feel the most comfortable."

And liposuction's not the answer either! "It only removes
the outer fat," said Ms Abu Taha. "Obesity is a disease that deals with inner
fat, fat that has accumulated on the organs of the body including the heart,
liver and kidneys. During
liposuction, surgeons are only emptying the fat cells, so it's very possible to
put on the weight again."

Oh dear, let's forget about this until after Christmas shall we?

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