Lorraine Sinclair

The smart chef switching up the culinary scene
ByJasmine BandaliWednesday , 05 March 2014
Lorraine Sinclair
Ten years from now... I can see myself retiring to some far-flung island and opening up a trust bar; where patrons pay what they believe they should for their drinks

Since arriving in Dubai 14 months ago, Executive Chef Lorraine has elevated the dining experiences available at Fairmont Dubai’s Spectrum on One through two novel concepts. The first was built on the foundation of a weekly ritual of ‘dupper’ – a combination of dinner and supper held at her grandmother’s house when she was growing up in Scotland, which Lorraine developed to give it a modern twist. The result was a full-on evening brunch complete with DJ and concoctions created by top mixologists.

Her second idea was a ‘blind dining’ night called Noire. The concept, in which guests would devour three-course meals in pitch darkness, has also been immensely popular on Dubai’s competitive culinary scene. Designed to stimulate the oral senses to their full potential, the highly enjoyable experience also takes on a double meaning by raising awareness for those who are sight-impaired. A percentage of the cost of each meal is donated to blindness charity Sightsavers, which performs sight-restoring surgery and blindness prevention in 37 countries. It seems that Lorraine is one smart cookie.