Loos lyrics NOT about Beckhams!

Homewrecker-turned-pop star insists she's innocent...
Sunday , 09 March 2008
Loos lyrics NOT about Beckhams!

DAVID BECKHAM's former personal assistant REBECCA LOOS has slammed reports her new pop song is about the soccer ace's wife VICTORIA.

Loos, who hit the headlines in 2004 with sensational claims she had an affair with Beckham, has recorded a track entitled Your Boyfriend, in which she claims another woman's man "is waiting for her" because she has "got something for him". She then accuses the other woman of "not paying him attention" and "messin' with this first-class man".

But the 30-year-old is adamant the track is not directed at the superstar couple.

She says, "Of course it's not about David Beckham. The song has nothing to do with the Beckhams at all. It's not a dig at Victoria - I'd never, ever do that.

"I had a relationship with David, who was married, but I never tried to steal him or take him away from Victoria. And David is still with her - I'm not a marriage wrecker. They are still married and so strong together."

And Loos insists the track, which features her rapping, was leaked without her permission: "I recorded it two years ago as a piss-take (joke) and it was never supposed to be released.

"Now it's the most listened to song on the Internet. We haven't got a clue how it's ended up on the web - we're trying to find out who leaked it."