Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Is In Dubai To Stay!

Lindsay Lohan has swapped life in Hollywood for Dubai
ByFarah AndrewsThursday , 17 May 2018
Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Is In Dubai To Stay!
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It seems like Dubai's most famous resident, Lindsay Lohan, will be staying in the UAE for the foreseeable!

Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan, has spoken out moving back to Los Angeles this week, but dismissed it on account of it being "too cruel".

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The 31-year-old eschewed Tinseltown for life in Dubai - as long with stints in London and Greece - following a series of legal problems a few years ago. 

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She has since said that the idea of heading back to Hollywood terrifies her.

"Just landing at the airport scares the **** out of me," the actress told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show on Wednesday.

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The former wild child is also keen to put her wild child past behing her, but finds that she is reminded of he past DUIs and addiction midemeanours regularly. 

"When I do something good, they (media) just bring it (my past) up," she moaned. "I'm nearly 32 years old. This is so long ago."

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