The Look: Curly Lashes

The Look: Curly Lashes

22 May 2011

Let your eyes do the talking with look-at-me lashes

Condition Keep your lashes in great condition with a lash-boosting product. These stimulate growth and also prevent eyelashes from falling out as fast as they usually do. The result? A fuller lash line. Try Revitalash, Dhs550, from aesthetic centres.

Curl Yes, it looks nasty – but if you have straight lashes you’ll have to master a lash lifter. Curl when your lashes are dry otherwise they won’t take. Gently clamp the curler over the base of your top lashes, squeeze a few times, then release.

Coat Select a mascara for length, curl or volume. Look downwards and apply it to top lashes,with resistance against the brush and the lashes to accentuate their curve. Start with coating your outer lashes, using the tip of the brush only.

Define Turn your brush horizontally and coat the rest of your lashes, starting at the base, moving the brush back and forth and upwards towards the tips. Lastly, coat the fine lashes at the inner corners of your eye – making sure you don’t poke yourself in the eye.

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