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Logan Paul Has Spoken To Kris Fade About THAT Video

05 Jul 2018

The "maverick" YouTube star's first radio interview reflected on a controversial few months

Back in November, Logan Paul had the world at his feet when he was in Dubai, meeting fans and vlogging his way through his trip.

But less than two months later, in January, he posted a controversial video, showing a dead body in a Japanese forest, which was hit with criticism.

His daily vlogs came to an end, he had a one-month social media black-out and he claims to have stopped vlogging - but still vlogs from time to time.

Well, he's now spoken out about the experience to Dubai's Kris Fade.

'Did you learn a lot from the experience after it went down?' Kris asked Logan, and the vlogger got very real.

Check the video out here: