Liz Meets The Parents

Could it be wedding bells for the actress and Shane?
Wednesday , 16 February 2011
Liz Meets The Parents
Shane Warne and Liz Hurley

Shunning rumours of alleged affairs and an imminent break up, Liz Hurley and Shane Warne have taken their relationship to the next level with the model travelling to Australia to meet his family!

The couple brushed off recent tabloid claims that the cricketer has been cheating on the British actress with a porn star by taking a trip to the sportsman’s native Melbourne, where Liz was not only introduced to his parents but his kids!

“That’s a serious move,” insisted a source. “Shane took her to his mansion to meet his children, Summer, Jackson and Brooke. They finally spent time with Liz who’s transformed their father into an excited teenager.”

Liz and Shane have been dating since December, when Liz’s relationship with her husband of three years, Arun Nayar, came to an end.

And, further proving he wants the relationship to work, Shane has worked effortlessly to impress his middle class beauty. An insider added, “It’s sweet. When they finally ventured out of their Aussie mansion to have lunch he Tweeted: ‘Where’s the sexiest place to take Elizabeth for lunch? Suggestions please? And no, not for spaghetti on toast!!!’”

With family introductions over, sources are now predicting a wedding,“She’s met the parents, the kids, the best mate. Could Liz’s next appointment be their engagement?”

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