Liz Hurley To The Rescue

09 Nov 2011

Actor falls into ex’s arms over baby

They have remained close friends ever since it was revealed Hugh Grant had a ‘romantic liaison’ with Divine Brown while he was still married to Liz Hurley.

However, despite the initial animosity between the pair and a nasty divorce, they quickly forged a close friendship and have remained friends ever since.

Now, I can reveal, Liz has stepped in and offered to help bring up

the daughter he now shares with Chinese actress and former girlfriend Tinglan Hong.

My source says, “Liz and Hugh have remained close and he has been like a father to her son Damien. Liz has offered to welcome Hugh’s daughter into her family as if she was one of her own.”

“Liz and Hugh are keen to ingratiate his daughter into both Hugh’s close-knit family and that of Liz’s extended celebrity circuit of pals.”

“Hugh has even asked Liz if she would be his daughter’s godmother. That goes to show how close they all are.”

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