Liz Hurley Caught in Cheating Scandal

Why she’s already dumped cricketer after sexy texts
Sunday , 19 December 2010
Liz Hurley Caught in Cheating Scandal
Liz Hurley puts on a brave face amid scandal

Elizabeth Hurleyhas again spoken out or should we again say “tweeted” for the first time since announcing her new romance with cricketer Shane Warne. The actress who split from her husband of three years, Arun Nayar earlier this month after she was spotted with Shane in London has now dumped her new lover too.

The 45-year-old beauty wrote that the recent scandal she was involved in resembled an episode of Jerry Springer and she wanted no part in it. “Er...please take any mentions of me in the latest thrilling instalment of the Jerry Springer-esque saga with a LARGE pinch of salt.”

Shane Warne according to reports was caught sending hundreds of sexy texts to the wife of an Australian millionaire.

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