Live in Abu Dhabi? Be aware of this real estate scam

Gang arrested after stealing over Dhs500k from residents
ByIsobel Forester-BennettSunday , 23 July 2017
Live in Abu Dhabi? Be aware of this real estate scam
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Abu Dhabi police arrested 6 Arab men in the emirate yesterday over a real estate scam. The 6 men were subletting apartments in villas across Abu Dhabi. They then collected a year’s upfront rent from the tenants after advertising low rents. However, they had no plan of handing this money over to the landlord of the properties and instead had their own intentions. They then attempted to flee Abu Dhabi with Dhs560, 000!

Police investigations showed that the suspects were leasing villas directly from the landlords after giving them out of date cheques. Lieutenant Hamad Al Afari, director of Al Rawdah police station, said the police had received complaints on the fraudulent activity from across the emirate.

Abu Dhabi police then took matters in to their own hands and arrested the 6 men yesterday. The victims were able to identify the gang members who now remain in custody. The group of 6 men behind this scam will now face public prosecution.

Abu Dhabi took to social media yesterday to warn residents of similar scams, shown below.

If you are planning on renting make sure you deal directly with the landlord. Or if you are going through a real estate agent, make sure you to ask to see the real estate license which is provided to all authorised agents.

And remember if it looks too good to be to true…it probably is!

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