Live Healthy is Launching its First Health and Wellness Festival In 2020

Live Healthy is Launching its First Health and Wellness Festival In 2020

31 Dec 2019

Tick off your fitness plans in just one day

If you're  like me and don't speak workout, this festival is definitely going to help you tick off all your fitness plans for the year in just one day! This family-friendly festival offers different kind of sessions. If you've never experienced a breathing exercise or yoga, this is a good opportunity to try it, there will be yoga sessions, meditation classes, workouts, expert panels and workshops led by leading health and wellness professionals from the UAE.

I never thought that I could be "spoilt" by a multitude of workout options...innnteresting.

Classes will be tailored for participants of varying ages and skill levels, ranging from kids’ yoga to the Vinyasa flow. There will also be workshops and panels covering a variety of activities and interests, like understanding food sensitivities, mindfulness, meditation, amongst others. These sessions include “Vegan Baking” and “How to Go Zero Waste.”

The editor of, Ann Marie McQueen, said: “At, we believe in positive thinking, regular physical activity, whole-food, healthy eating and being active members of our community. We believe that making small adjustments in our lives can be much more effective than attempting big sweeping changes, which are not always sustainable.

Doors open at 9.30am, with sessions at the festival starting at 10am. More information can be found here.