Listen Up Foodies! Aveem Launches New Range of Spices

Everyday gourmet company, Aveem is bringing keen cooks a new collection of delicious spices with great health benefits
Thursday , 04 April 2013
Listen Up Foodies! Aveem Launches New Range of Spices
Aveem's new range of delish spices

Aveem’s new spice collection means that budding cooks can use gourmet ingredients in their kitchen every day. In addition to the existing offering of sugars, teas and extra-virgin olive oil, Aveem has introduced a broad new range of spices sourced in India.

The vast selection of spices includes nutmeg, cumin, ground ginger and 15 others all with fab health benefits. Did you know that red chilli powder has the potential to boost your metabolism and help you burn off calories throughout the day? Bring on the chilli! Ground cinnamon is a wonder spice that regulates blood sugar ensuring stable energy levels the whole day and helps ward off those crazy sugar cravings. They’ll add new life to your cooking and they’re good for you – what more do you need?  

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