The A-list ladies desperate for babies!

Money, fame and thousands of fans, but all they really want, is a baby.
Wednesday , 02 July 2008
Celeb Kids
Celeb Kids
Celeb Kids

Eva Longoria

She's ready... Tony isn't!

Ever since she married basketball player, Tony Parker, in July last year, Eva has been chomping at the bit to start on her baby-making plans... but Tony's digging his heels in. However, the actress has made sure she mentions babies in most of her interviews, and sources feel it's only a matter of time before Tony's forced to agree.

‘I want to quit DH and make babies!'
"This is a new chapter in my life," gushed Eva after her wedding in France. Adding of Desperate Housewives, "I will be very sad to go, but I'll have more time to do movies." But after DH creator, Marc Cherry slapped a baby ban on Eva, the Latina star tried to tone down her desperate desire.

"Life's great and the main thing Tony and I want to focus on right now is us," she backtracked. "So, we'll be ready to have a child when it comes along."

Tony snaps!

"I want 10 children and I can't wait," said Eva.

But sick of his wife's baby talk, Tony last week snapped, when quizzed about it.

"She's not pregnant now if that's your question," snapped the agitated star. "I'm not thinking like that right now!"

Jennifer Aniston

"Hopes to be pregnant Soon!"

Heading off on tour with John, and meeting his parents, means a baby bump could appear sooner than we think...

‘Wants to settle down'
At 40, Jen is feeling her biological clock ticking. "She has moved on with her life and has finally found a guy to settle down with in John Mayer," spilled a pal.

Baby is a ‘natural step'
Insiders say that Jen believes she's found ‘the one'."Jen says she can talk to John about anything and a baby feels like a natural step," spilled a mole. Adding, "They're having a fantastic summer and are hoping she'll be pregnant in the next few months. She's determined to be a mom."

Paris Hilton

‘Paris and Benji are both ready...'
Even before her BF Nicole gave birth to Harlow, Paris made no secret of the fact that she longed to start a family.

"It's been my dream to have four babies by 30," she insisted, last year, before she had met Benji Madden. And dating the rocker has exacerbated her longing for kids.

Practising with pets
The heiress truly believes that her menagerie of animals - including a Kinkajou monkey, a ferret and numerous dogs - have fully prepared her for motherhood.

"I look after animals, so I'd have a lot to give my kids," insisted the reality TV show star recently. Adding, last week after her puppy purchasing debacle, "I love my own pets dearly - I treat them as if they were my own children."

And Benji's brother Joel recently insisted, "I can see it tomorrow. Benji's ready for fatherhood."

Kylie Minogue

‘She'd bo anything to be his girlfriend again"
Onlookers, who saw the display of affection between Kylie and her ex, Olivier Martinez, in Paris, last week, say Kylie would desperately love to rekindle the romance.

‘Life plan'
Kylie's attention has been taken up with creating a ‘life plan' - and sources say Olivier , 42, is on the cusp of agreeing.

"Kylie has... a new set of rules," revealed the Daily Mail. "Ollie has agreed to try for a baby."

‘She may not be fertile'
Sources say Kylie remains undaunted, and may even have had her eggs frozen.

"I think she has accepted that it's highly unlikely to happen [naturally]," spilled an insider.

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