A-list Holiday Homes

13 Aug 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Hotels are so last season, darling. When T’Town escapes for the summer, they make sure they’ve got a pad of their own to stay in…

Johnny’s Italian Palazzo
Johnny Depp
Where: Venice, Italy
How much: Dhs42 million
The fabulous Palazzo Dona Sangiantoffett was the only available plot on Venice’s Canal Grande when gorgeous Johnny bought it after shooting The Tourist in the stunning city with Angelina Jolie back in 2006. Think stunning views, historical architecture and world-famous nightlife just a stroll away. Now Vanessa’s gone, Johnny, don’t be shy, we’re only a phone call away. Our bags are packed.

Kate’s Country Pile
Kate Moss
Where: The Cotswolds, UK
How much: Dhs18 million
If we could only pick one celebrity chum, it would be Kate Moss. Imagine the fun you’d have! Granted, it would be depressing always being the fat one, but who cares? Her 10-bedroom Grade II-listed holiday home in Oxfordshire would certainly take the edge off the chubby blues. She’s even got her own black cab, which she cruises around the village in. Kate, call us – day or night.

Wayne and Coleen’s Bajan Villa
Wayne and Coleen Rooney
Where: Barbados
How much: Dhs30 million
The Rooneys have got enough cash to snap up a new holiday home every year, but their villa in Barbados is easily their best buy so far. The whitewashed retreat, on the island’s Royal Westmoreland development, has six bedrooms, an infinity pool and sea views, not to mention a detached two-bedroom cottage for their celebrity chums to stay in. We’re totally free for a visit any time, Col. And don’t worry, we’ll make do with the cottage. You’ll never know we’re there.

Gwyneth’s Hamptons Hideaway
Gwyneth Paltrow
Where: The Hamptons, US
How much: Dhs30 million
And we thought she couldn’t be any smugger. Not so. Grating Gwyneth has ticked one more box on the perfect life checklist and we’re furious. Surely, being married to Chris Martin and having millions in the bank is enough for any woman. Apparently not. Gwynnie needed a Hamptons mansion too. Bagged back in 2006, the posh property boasts five bedrooms and its own swimming pool, just in case the picture perfect coastline isn’t enough. Jealous, much?

Kylie’s Spanish Seaside Villa
Kylie Minogue
Where: Tossa del Mar, Spain
How much: Dhs2 million
The love-struck pop princess bagged herself a swanky villa close to Tossa del Mar, the hometown of her model toy boy, Andrés Segura, back in 2009. She’s even rumoured to have helped out at Andrés’ dad’s nearby restaurant when she’s not busy strolling on the beach, taking a dip in the sea or wolfing down tapas for dinner in Costa Brava’s hottest spots. The pad boasts sea views, five bedrooms, staff and plenty of space for celeb visitors. Nice.

The Beckham’s French Chateau
David and Victoria Beckham
Where: Provence, France
How much: Dhs7 million
“If it’s good enough for Elton”, was obviously Victoria’s theory when she stayed at the music legend’s super swish chateau in the south of France back in the day. So she bought the gorgeous 19th century Le Domaine Saint-Vincent nearby. The stately pile near the village of Bargemon in Provence boasts 15 bedrooms, a pool and a farm for the staff to live on. Let’s just hope they don’t try for baby number five there. Bargemon Beckham, anyone?

George’s Lake Como Mansion
George Clooney
Where: Lake Como, Italy
How much: Dhs37 million
As if gorgeous George needs anything to attract the ladies. But, should he ever fall on hard times in the looks department, he’s always got his Italian villa to seal the deal. Mr Clooney snapped up his 30-room Lake Como casa back in 2001 and has hosted everyone from Brangelina to the Beckhams. Casa Clooney comes with an outdoor theatre, a pool and a tennis court, among other treats. If those walls could talk...

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Donegal Digs
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
Where: Kilcar, Ireland
How much: Dhs4 million (Approx)
Poor SJP, it must be a real bind having to live in that plush Manhattan townhouse. And with all that money in the bank too. Life’s just not fair. She must need a good holiday. And when she does, a hotel just doesn’t cut it. Sarah and husband Matthew have a cottage in the village of Kilcar in Ireland, near where the actor’s family lives. Apparently, the SATC star would love to live there permanently. Then she remembers she’s got a swanky pad back in NYC and swiftly changes the subject.