Jessica Biel

The A-List Diet Revolution

05 Jan 2011

Kick off a new fitness plan, Hollywood-style!

If you’re struggling to shift extra pounds, then you’re not alone. From detox to deprivation, we’ve all been there, but as many of us have learnt, it isn't easy and now A-listers such as Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel have resolved to change the way they diet forever. And the news is spreading fast. Tinseltown is promising to be a detox-free zone as more and more stars are joining the ranks of those who eat to get slim. Yes, you have heard right – they will eat to get thin.

Nutritionists in Hollywood have been advising their clients to eat anything up to 10 small meals a day if they want to achieve lasting weight loss, and though it takes some getting used to for the women who have denied themselves this much food for years, the results are said to be amazing.

Cindy Crawford, one of the first to take the advice to heart says: “ Going seven hours without food isn’t the way to maintain your weight or energy levels.” Cindy adopted the eating plan and is raving about it to her friends. She now eats at least three small, well balanced meals (with snacks in between) and is in the best shape ever.

Reese Witherspoon is happily munching her way through six meals a day and is stunned by the effect it has had on her body, while Cameron Diaz reckons that her 10 small meals a day have cleared her skin and enabled her to shed a few extra pounds.
“Start eating!” says a super-slender Jessica Biel, and who are we to disagree? This could be the easiest and the most effective diet you have ever used, so make your resolution to Eat Yourself Slim in 2011.
Grant Roberts, fitness and diet guru to the stars confirms that this is the diet we should all be following. “Getting in shape is a science, but it’s not rocket science. Forget the fad diets and pills,” he says. “The most potent weight management drug on the market is food!”
Valerie Waters, trainer and food guru to such stars as Jennifer Garner, Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford and Kate Beckinsale, says the biggest misconception she sees in clients is the belief that starving yourself will shed the pounds. “Then your body is no longer ok with a healthy salad and chicken breast,” she says.

 “Your food cravings will override anything at that point, and your body will want sugar and fat, so you’ve chemically set yourself up to eat bad.”
Valerie encourages all her clients to eat regular healthy meals and never to starve.

While we can’t all have the luxury of a personal body guru, we can adopt their methods at home. The idea is to send your metabolism into fat burning mode on a permanent basis. Think of food as a tool to fuel a fat-burning fire. Follow the Eat Yourself Slim Diet for a month and you will see for yourself what it can do for your body.

The Rules
Eat enough protein to keep your blood sugar steady and prevent muscle loss – fat is what we want to lose, so make sure to eat some protein at least three times a day. Without protein you can be in danger of losing muscle rather than fat, leading to flab. So start each day with a protein breakfast and eat small portions of protein for each main meal.

● Stick to small portions and drink lots of water. Try to eat something every three hours to keep your metabolism burning at its best.
● Replace all white carbs with wholegrain alternatives, avoid sugar and only eat potatoes every other day (or less).
● Chuck out all processed and fatty foods such as pies or pastries and stick to fresh seasonal vegetables, lean meat, fish and fruit.
● It is unlikely you will get hungry on this diet, but if you need extra snacks have another piece of fruit or some seeds instead of crisps or sweets.

Meal Suggestions

Either: An egg white omelette filled with spinach and tomatoes. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
Or: Oatmeal porridge made with skimmed milk,a cup of green tea and an apple.
Or: Wholegrain toast with sardines and a small cup of coffee.

Mid morning Snack
A banana or a small bunch of grapes.

Either: Two slices of cheese on toast – use reduced
fat cheese and wholemeal bread. Top with tomatoes.
Or: Tuna sandwich made with wholemeal bread. Add avocado, tomatoes and onion.
Or: A small grilled chicken breast, and a half cup of brown rice or pasta, served with a salad of cucumbers, lettuce and lemon juice.

Afternoon snack
Handful of unsalted nuts or seeds or a low fat yogurt.

Either: A salmon steak, poached with lemon juice, served with asparagus, carrots and small jacket potato. Portion of low fat ice cream with fruit.
Or: Homemade vegetable soup topped with grated low fat cheese and two slices of whole grain bread. A low fat yogurt mixed with grapes or berries or fruit.
Or: Chicken or turkey breast with greens, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes. A fresh fruit smoothie.

Evening snack
Either: Two wholegrain crispbreads spread with sugar-free jam, marmite or a portion of low fat cheese spread. Or chopped fresh fruit.