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Monday , 25 June 2012
A detox that leaves you smiling
A detox that leaves you smiling
Detox Delight
Detox Delight

Want to detox like an A-lister without having to fly to a five-star spa? Then sign up to Detox Delight, a UAE company that delivers detox packages to your door. Your detox box includes a selection of organic juices and soups that are designed to give your body a little TLC. We tested the Juice & Soup Delight package. Each day we slurped five delicious 500ml fruit and veggie juices and one 250ml soya milk or veggie soup. We were told that all the nutrients we need would come from the superfoods, such as spirulina, wheat or barley grass, added to the drinks. The thought of ditching solid food did send our tester into a panic, but she was told to tone down her workouts and do yoga instead of huge cardio sessions. The drinks were surprisingly filling. With the water and herbal teas, our tester rarely felt the need to devour the allowed snacks. And after five days our tester was left with in a flat tum.

The only side effect was tooth sensitivity on the first day, but this was removed by drinking water. Shape Go-To Guru, dietitian Hala Barghout, said: “People in the UAE are always eating out and grabbing food on the run. This makes you sluggish as these foods are packed with preservatives, sodium, fats and sugars. If you have a hectic lifestyle I encourage you to detox once a month.”

INFO: Priced Dhs2,454 for five days, www.detox-delight.ae

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