Liquorice Meringues and Clementine Parfait

30 Apr 2012

Light and bright, we heart Table 9's scrumptious parfait

Liquorice Meringues and Clementine Parfait

300ml Clementine puree (reduced to 200ml and cooled)
175g sugar
8 egg yolks
200 ml whipped cream.
80ml water
70g egg white
115g castor sugar
5g corn flour
5ml white vinegar
10g liquorice powder

Put egg in mixing bowl and whip, boil sugar and water rapidly until it reaches 120C.
2. Slowly add to the eggs and beat until all sugar is in.
3. Turn mixer to full speed until light and fluffy and beat until cooled.
4. Fold in the puree and then slowly the cream. Pour into mould and freeze.

Mix cornflour and water and put aside.
2. Beat egg white and add sugar slowly until light foam.
3. Add cornflour mix and beat until stiff.
4. Add the liquorice powder and mix.
5. Place mix in to a piping bag and pip small droplets on a baking sheet, bake at 85C for 1 hour until firm.

Remove the parfait from the freezer and cut to desired shape.
2. Take some fresh Clementine segments and slice in half lengthways through the middle.
3. Arrange in the middle of the plate.
4. Place the meringues on the plate.
5. Arrange the parfaits on the plate and scatter with more meringue and some mint leaves.

INFO: This recipe was provided courtesy of Table 9 by Nick and Scott
Table 9 by Nick and Scott, Hilton Dubai Creek, 04 227 1111, For more info on the Table 9 cooking school, contact