Lindsay Puts Herself on House Arrest!

LiLo's probation ends 29 March and she's not taking any more chances
Sunday , 18 March 2012
Lindsay Puts Herself on House Arrest!
LiLo is tying to stay out of trouble!

Lindsay is finally realising what’s good for her! With another hit and run charge looming after she allegedly hit a hookah club manager with her Porsche Thursday night in T’Town, LiLo is doing the right thing and staying inside.

Police are currently investigating the he-said-she-said hit and run drama, but LiLo’s not going to let anything like that happen again between now and her 29 March court date.

Following the good advice of close friends, LiLo will be staying inside her house until the end of March and only leaving the house when she has to, like to complete her community service hours at the local morgue. Our fingers are crossed for you LiLo!

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