Lindsay Lohan's Kiss and Tell

The star tells her list of demands in a tell-all interview
Thursday , 25 August 2016
Lindsay Lohan's Kiss and Tell
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Lindsay Lohan tells all...
After her engagement to Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov came to a dramatic end in recent weeks, Lindsay Lohan is allegedly planning to air all her dirty laundry on a Russian TV show. The 30-year-old one-time actress is rumoured to have been approached by Pust Govoryat – the most popular talk show in Russia – to spill all the details on her relationship with Egor, who she dated for a year. However the Mean Girls star is playing hardball, hitting show organisers with a hefty list of demands before accepting their offer. 
To Russia with Demands 
LiLo’s eyebrow-raising requests are said to include a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and a chance to pose with him for photos. She also reportedly wants a private jet with a hair and make-up artist and a manicurist on board, a one year Russian visa with extension, a fee of £500,000 British pounds, as well as a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite and security while she’s in the country. Lindsay’s ex Egor, 23, is a person of interest in his native country as he’s the son of a wealthy businessman, as well as boasting an impressively profitable portfolio himself, with shares in real estate and banking.
It’s All Over 
The pair’s relationship appeared rock solid, with Egor proposing after eight months of dating, before their dramatic split. What began as a summer of love quickly descended into chaos with police racing to the couple’s London home last month in the early hours of the morning after Lindsay claimed that Egor tried to strangle her. 
The late-night fight occurred after Lohan had publicly taken to social media to accuse her partner of cheating on her. Since then, pictures have emerged of another physical altercation between the pair in Greece, where Lindsay and her ex-beau appear to be tussling over his phone.
Baby on Board?
The actress has hinted that she’s pregnant with her first child, and recent snaps of the star in her swimsuit have fueled the rumours. In one photo posted on her Instagram account, showing the star larking around on a super yacht, LiLo’s normally slimline figure, which she has maintained over the years despite her hectic partying, seems curvier than normal, with some speculating that she’s sporting a baby bump. So, is she set to become a mother? Will she be hitting the Russian small screen? As always, LiLo leaves us guessing! 

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