Lindsay Lohan's Dubai Hoax

Lindsay Lohan's Dubai Hoax

20 Feb 2015

The actress lied about being back in DXB

It wasn’t exactly heart breaking news and we doubt very much that there were many men crying after hearing it, but it was certainly surprising. Last week it was reported that Lindsay Lohan was engaged after the actress was spotted out and about wearing a large diamond ring on the wedding finger. Now, LiLo has added to the speculation that she may not only be engaged, but actually fully married by holidaying in Dubai on what some people have suggested is a honeymoon.

LiLo’s New Love
It seemed too good to be true Lindsay landing in Dubai  during the same weekend as the musicians who arrived for RedFestDXB.  The city went into a frenzy when she posted a picture on Instagram of herself chilling on a beach, which she tagged 'Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort and Hilton ubai the Walk." She even went as far as to say how much she loves being back in the city visiting friends but after doing some digging we discovered Lilo wasn't here at all! She almost pulled off the great hoax until Ahlan! caught up with Ms. Lohan's management team who confirmed that their client was not in the UAE and she was not married or engaged as far as they knew.  But then why would she wear the engagement ring -and furthermore lie about being in Dubai? WE can only assume that crafty Lindsay knew what she was doign and decided to raise her profile here by cashing in on the fact that one of her rumoured ex-boyfriend's was flying in for Valentine's Day... 


Danny & DXB
Late last year Lindsay strangely felt the need to come forward and deny that she was dating London-based Irish Lothario Danny O’Donaghue. The pair apparently got very chummy during her stint in West End theatre show Speed the Plow and enjoyed several nights out and dinners together. They say there’s no smoke without fire and we wouldn’t blame LiLo for succumbing to handsome Danny’s Irish charm. Coincidentally, the former Voice judge was also in the UAE at the same time as Lindsay to headline RedFest DXB with his band The Script.