Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Preparing to Seek Restraining Order Against Her Dad

21 Oct 2012

Lindsay Lohan will reportedly seek a restraining order against her father Michael next week after his failed intervention with her

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly seeking a restraining order against her father. The Liz & Dick star, whose father Michael staged an unsuccessful intervention with her on Friday (19 October) - is said to be looking into filing a protection order against him.

A source close to the 26-year-old actress told gossip website TMZ that Lindsay feels the only way to stop her father from interfering in her life is to take legal action.

The troubled starlet, who recently cut Michael out of her life after he recorded their telephone conversation during which she was fighting with her mother Dina and made it public, will allegedly meet with a lawyer in New York next week and has the full support of Dina.

Meanwhile, fitness trainer Josh Chunn - who Michael claimed is dating his daughter and was present during his failed intervention - has opened up about his relationship with her.

He told the New York Daily News: ''I've been trying to get Lindsay to focus. But how do you get her to focus with all the stuff going on around her? I can barely focus. She's a strong girl. She's cleaning up. I just want her to be OK. I think I'm the best influence on her."

''I'm there for Lindsay. I listen. I work hard for my money. I pay my own bill when we go out. I have a schedule. That's the problem with these kids in LA, they don't have a schedule. All they want to do is party.''

Lindsay dismissed rumours she has a boyfriend on Friday via twitter. She wrote: ''I don't have a boyfriend. I have Chanel, Hermes and diamonds. X''