Lindsay Lohan photoshopped her waist AGAIN. See the pic here!

Awkward alert! Someone delete LiLo's photo editing app, please...
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 05 April 2015
Lindsay Lohan photoshopped her waist AGAIN. See the pic here!
©, Instagram

Lindsay Lohan, once again, has been accused of editing a photograph of herself to make her look slimmer.

LiLo uploaded an image to Instagram on Friday, showing off her new smaller waistline and crediting her apparent weight loss to a special corset aimed at toning the upper-half of the body. However, she quickly came under fire when critics pointed out that the image appeared to have been airbrushed and accused her of simply trying to promote the waist-reducing garment. In a caption alongside the image, Lindsay wrote: "Just received my waist trainer from @nowaistclique!! #LovingIt"

Shortly after her followers pointed out that the stairs in the photo looked warped, an embarrassed Lindsay deleted the picture. A couple of hours later the photo was back on her page, this time unedited and cropped. We’re not stupid, LiLo. But thanks for the LOL anyway… 


Here's the edited image...

And here's the unedited one (Unless she became a pro and finally managed to fool us)

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