Lindsay Lohan Celebrates the End of her Probation!

02 Apr 2012

The actress was all smiles when she left the courtroom, but ended the night partying

A quiet night at home with a few close friends is how
Lindsay Lohan should have celebrated the end of her probation, but this is LiLo
we’re talking about! The actress was officially released from probation on 29
March by LA Judge Stephanie Sautner and on 30 March LiLo was already partying
until dawn!

Along with almost 50 friends and family members, Lindsay
headed to the penthouse of T’Town hot spot Chateau Marmont where she stayed
until the early hours.

RadarOnline reported, "Lindsay's guests ate paella, and
watched Elizabeth Taylor's Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? Lindsay was
in an extremely good mood and grateful to be off of formal probation."

Sources say that grape was served at the party but that LiLo
didn’t have any.

One of LiLo’s guests said, “The party went until around 2am.
[Vino] was being served in moderation but Lindsay wasn't seen drinking. It's
just rather strange that Lindsay chose to have the party at the hotel,
especially after what the judge said to her in court.”

Considering LiLo has to stay on her best behaviour for the
next two-and-a-half years while on informal probation from her jewellery theft
case, maybe it’s time she stay far away from the Chateau Marmont!