Ahlan Christmas Party 2016

Lindsay Lohan Calls Dubai Her Home Now!

09 Jan 2017

The actress is inspired by the UAE

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly taken a liking to Dubai and is calling the city her home now!

The actress has deleted all of her Instagram photos and her tweets.

A report in Gulf News quoted a source saying that Lindsay is in a “period of renewal” and that the social media purge is a sign of “positive changes” to come.

When the star was asked whether Dubai is going to be home for now, she was quoted saying, “Yes, it is... I’ve met amazing women [here] that are really strong and have taught me a lot … I don’t think people realise how accepted it is for a woman to be a strong woman in the UAE. It is a very appreciated thing.”

The actress has already attended Ahlan!'s Christmas party and she also did the countdown to 2017 at Zero Gravity, so keep an eye out for the lovely lady around town!