Lindsay Lohan has been banned from using her phone for Twitter

Lindsay Lohan banned from Twitter

11 Oct 2010

Docs insist she is addicted to the social networking site

It seems La Lohan goes from one addiction to another. After spending the last few weeks in rehab since failing two mandatory drug tests, Lindsayhas swapped substance abuse for a Twitter addiction. Under the watchful eye of rehabilitation doctors the troubled star is being weaned off anything that may lead to further compulsive behavior.

“Before, she would repeatedly and compulsively email her friends if she was ever in a situation where she felt lonely, and she would vent on Twitter,” said a mole in rehab.

In an effort to get Lindsay back to a normal way of life her doctors are insisting on cutting back her phone time so she has more time to focus on her personal thoughts instead of sharing them with the world. “She is only allowed to use her phone for two hours a day, and only to keep in touch with her family and close friends,” continued the source.

Lindsay is due back in court on October 22 to face the consequences of her failed drug tests.

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