lindsay lohan and beach club

Lindsay Lohan asks journalists to write "true stories"

23 Jun 2019

Someone's a little on edge..

Lindsay Lohan has blasted reports suggesting her Mykonos club in Greece has closed, urging journalists to get back to focusing on real news.

The Mean Girls star has confirmed there will be no second season of reality show Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which aired on MTV earlier this year - because there's not enough drama to keep viewers interested, and now reports suggest the venture has shut its doors.

But she returned to Instagram on Wednesday to attack the Page Six claims.

"If you want a true story travel to #Istanbul and write something real for once...," the actress raged. "Children that need attention which I work with and none of you writers try and help. Families that loose (sic) limbs in Syria and you write c**p stories about celebs."

Posting and later deleting an image of four kids writing, she added: "I helped this (sic) amazing children while you are writing about lies and nonsense."

Lohan has been working with refugee groups and human trafficking activists in Europe to rescue children in danger.

Previously explaining her beach club venture had moved on, Lohan wrote: "The club is moving to other locations in the world... so chill out Page Six."

The Lindsay Lohan's Beach House series focused on the actress' efforts to become a businesswoman and entrepreneur in Greece.