Lindsay lohan

Lindsay would have more luck convincing us she's been abducted by aliens than that she's actually got an acting job
Wednesday , 09 December 2009
Lindsay lohan

When Lindsay Lohan was spied doing the walk of shame out of Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Jason Segel's apartment last week, we can forgive her for wanting to throw us off the ‘hot new celeb hook up' scent.

After pashing her way through most of Hollywood's male population recently (including Jess Alba's hubby Cash Warren, Gerard Butler and Leo Di Caprio, if the rumours are to be believed) it's not going to do her already-on-life-support rep any good to add another Hollywood player-shaped notch on her bedpost.

So, in a failed attempt to quell gossip about what exactly she was doing with Jason - who is said to count Drew Barrymore and Evan Rachel Wood among his exes - Linds came up with an excuse about as plausible as the plot of her last straight-to-cable flick Labour Pains: Jason is her co-worker! Ha! And better still, they were having a ‘business meeting'. Ha ha! Coming from the girl who can't get arrested in Hollywood (well, actually she can, but that's another story) we find that about as believable as her recent ‘I'm a fashion designer now, sweeties' schtick.

Pull the other one, Linds, it's got bells on!