Lindsay Lohan’s All Puffed Out

20 Dec 2011

Lindsay Lohan's got image issues to worry about, and her recent bloated appearance isn't helping

It would seem that Lindsay Lohan’s new found wealth – Dhs6 million, thanks to posing for the controversial Playboy magazine – has gone to her head, quite literally!

She was spotted attending a court appearance with what can only be described as a bloated face, which has left poor Lilo in a quandary over her image.

According to our sources, now that Lindsay has had her mega pay day it’s make or break for the 25-year-old troubled actress.

Our source says, “Lindsay has been offered around Dhs6 million to appear on Big Brother and she wants to do it.”

“But, her management have said if she does she can kiss the big film roles goodbye. It’s becoming a real battle.”

“Her team have told her that she will have to ditch nude shoots and reality TV or face losing everything.”