Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s Lovers and Haters!

22 Sep 2010

Celebs react to the troubled star’s fall from grace…

THe Lovers

“Hey Joan Rivers – you have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age. Oh wait, I guess people that old can’t hear, bully.” - Sam Ronson

“I have always said you can take the negative road or the positive road. The main thing is to surround yourself with good people, good people that you trust. It’s so easy in this environment, in the whole thing that has to do with music, acting or showbiz to be surrounded by people that are always kissing your butt and never tell you the truth. That is how you lose a sense of reality and it’s not a good thing.” - Enrique Igelsias

Out of respect to her privacy, I won’t go there. I just wish her the best.” - Wilmer Valderamma

“I just think that no matter what your friends go through, you just have to support them, no matter what.” - Kim Kardashian

“The fact that she can poke fun at herself – she’s a brilliant actress. Mean Girls is a classic. It’s so good. How can you ever forget that? I think people should probably focus more on someone’s career and maybe less on someone’s personal circumstances. It’s nobody’s business. Everyone goes through their own thing.” - Jessica Alba

“I just want to take her in my arms and hold her until she becomes grown-up. She’s so young and she’s so alone out there in the world, in terms of structure and, you know, people to nurture her. And she’s so talented.” - Jane Fonda

“I can relate to Lindsay’s situation. You can get away with anything in your 20s. You’ve just got to respect other people’s paths and stick together… We got nothing else.” - Michelle Rodriguez

The Haters

“That’s how desperate people are for attention. Instead of going out and doing something good, they’d rather show their v****** to the world.” - Kelly Osbourne

“Mean Girls was such a long time ago and we definitely haven’t stayed in touch. And while we are on the subject,
I can’t stand her.” - Amanda Seyfried

“I’m really convinced that something horrible is going to have to happen to her before she really gets over it and embraces sobriety. She needs to give it up. I have this image that she’s going to lose a limb or something before she does.” - Dr Drew

“I saw Lindsay stumbling around a club drunk and her mother was going, ‘She’s alright!’ I can say this from experience: it’s hard to be famous, and she’s not doing it well at this point.” - Rosie O’Donnell

“I would smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman! I would say, ‘You deserve this and nothing else’… WHACK! And then, if she’s not satisfied, I’d put her over my knee and spank her and then put her in rehab and that’s it." - Jerry Lewis

“Lindsay is Lindsay’s own worst enemy right now. She just keeps getting her way, because she won’t surrender to the fact that she has this disease and this problem.” - Daniel Baldwin

“Lindsay is on the all liquid diet of 80 per cent proof. She is so dumb. Her idea of being sworn in is cursing at the judge. Lindsay Lohan had ‘f*** you’ painted on her nails. What people don’t know is that the judge had ‘Eat me you party skank,’ painted on hers.” - Joan Rivers

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