Lily Snubs Kate Over Wedding

Frenemies got to war over guest lists
Tuesday , 19 April 2011
Lily Snubs Kate Over Wedding
Kate Moss

With Kate Middleton, Lily Allen and Kate Moss marrying this year many people would be clambering over themselves to bag an invitation to their special day.

However, although the cling ons will be trying their best to secure seats the latter two celebs, Miss Moss and Miss Allen, have had more than just a little falling out and have banned each other from their respective weddings!

According to sources close to the pair, they have become more like frenemies ever since they scheduled their hen parties on the same weekend and have snubbed each other on the big days.

A source admitted, “They have many mutual friends so it will be a difficult situation when it comes to taking sides and who will be seen going to which wedding.”

Lily has asked guests to keep June 11th free so that she can invite her guests to the top secret wedding location. Although Kate knows Lily’s date she was only told to ensure she didn’t book hers on the same day.

The source adds, ”If they do end up on the same day there will be the World’s biggest fight on your hand.” Ahlan! says, “Bring it on!”

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