Lily Allen in concert

Lily pulls out the waterworks

09 Mar 2010

And stops a fight mid concert

Wow, she really is very girly, isn’t she? Using tears to stop guys fighting? We guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

WENN reported from the front row of Lily Allen’s London Concert at the O2 Arena saying there was a flood of tears when the fight erupted.

“The singer burst into tears and walked offstage while security officials ejected the men from the venue. Allen came back out to finish her set after a two-minute break.”
She then proceed to explain to the audience how appalling the incident was. “That’s the worst sort of violence,” claims Lily.

Although it’s not positive how sincere the singer really is. After all she did dedicate one of her songs to Britain’s Conservative Party leader in retaliation to his antics. Last month David Cameron admitted that his six-year-old daughter, Nancy was not allowed to listen to Lily’s music for fear it was unsuitable.

Lily, Lily, Lily, when will you ever learn that sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.

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