Lily h8s txt msgng

What else is annoying our mouthy mum-to-be?
Sunday , 06 January 2008

Pregnant pop star LILY ALLEN refuses to message friends in so-called "text speak" - because she can't stand the common practice.

The Smile singer, 22, hates reading poor spelling or grammar, even when used casually, like in a cell phone message.

She tells British magazine Marie Claire, "I get upset about how illiterate young people are becoming. The other day, someone texted me in that f**king text speak without any vowels; I got so annoyed, I replied just in vowels."

In other news, the mouthy madam has also hit out at people who brand supermodels like KATE MOSS "role models" - because they should be looking closer to home for inspiration.

Lily also refuses to acknowledge herself as a role model for her fans, because she doesn't think she is worthy of the label.

She tells Marie Claire, "I don't see myself as a role model; people should look to mothers and sisters for role models."

And when asked about Moss, she adds, "She's a (rude word) clothes horse. Deal with it!"

Yikes!! Hormones playing up already love?