Lily Is A First Class Supermodel

She receives top honours at Uni
Tuesday , 28 June 2011
Lily Is A First Class Supermodel
Lily Cole

Proving she is more than just a pretty face, supermodel Lily Cole has graduated from Cambridge University with a shock double first class degree – the absolute highest honour you can actually receive.

The 23-year-old was just one of 11 students to receive the impressive double grade, proving it is possible to juggle a high-flying career and studies.

The model and actress, who started working for top designers when she was just 14 and is fave among high-profile designers including Galliano and Louis Vuitton, picked up the double honours in History of Art.

A University friend said, “Lily is really pleased with her result and has been smiling ever since she heard the news. Not many students get double firsts and she has done exceptionally well as she had a huge work load outside of university too.”

While impressive, it should come as no surprise as Lily was also a straight A student at college too. Jealous, us... ?

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