Lily Allen is quiting music

And she doesn't care at all!
Thursday , 18 February 2010
Lily Allen is quiting music

Yes, it’s true. The Brit music star had announced she is bowing out on her music career despite her latest win. Named Best British Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards this week, the talented musician is said to be adamant about her departure from the performance industry. “This hasn’t changed my plans to quit,” said Lily.

Her sign off from singing is just around the corner and she couldn’t be happier. “It’s actually been really good as something to work towards for the last six months, knowing I’d be doing this. It is the perfect way to say goodbye.

And what will she do now? “I have so much I want to do now with my shop and record label.” So this starlet is set to become an unsung hero dribbling in fashion and producing? We think not.