LiLo's Death Drive

22 Oct 2008

Actress being sued over "carjacking"

LINDSAY LOHAN is facing a lawsuit from three men who claim she hijacked a car and held them hostage last July.

Ronnie Blake, Jakon Sutter and Dante Nigro accuse the star of commandeering the SUV they were passengers in, after a party in Malibu, California.

She then drove off in the car and was stopped by police on the Pacific Coast Highway after running a red light.

The officers arrested Lohan for driving under the influence (DUI). They also found her in possession of class A drugs.

The incident resulted in a second DUI charge in just three months for the actress - and led to an infamous 84-minute jail sentence.

Papers filed at Los Angeles County Superior Court this week (20Oct08) allege Lohan was intoxicated and "hostile" and "endangered" the mens' lives during the 'joyride'. She allegedly told them, "She was a celebrity... she could do whatever she wants."

But Lohan's lawyer Ed McPherson has dismissed the lawsuit, saying: "These guys had the night of their lives."