LiLo's Dad Calls Truce

30 Dec 2008

Asks everyone to stop adding fuel to fire

LINDSAY LOHAN's dad MICHAEL has called for a "truce" after weeks of warring with his famous daughter and her girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON.

The star's father reacted angrily to a MySpace blog posted by Lohan last week which detailed her shock at finding out he had allegedly fathered a lovechild during his marriage to her mother.

The allegations prompted a bitter war of words with his daughter and Ronson, who he's blamed for negatively influencing Lindsay - even alleging he was "99 per cent" certain she ghost-wrote the scathing entry.

In a post on his website on Monday Michael writes, "There is a truce between Lindsay and I, so please stop adding any fuel to the fire. I respectfully ask that all sources, so called friends and mouthpieces refrain from any more comments or suggestions on her blog."