LiLo: The Botoxed Attention-Seeker

Why she stole the show at Kim Kardashian's wedding
Sunday , 28 August 2011
LiLo: The Botoxed Attention-Seeker
Actress Lindsay Lohan

When you ask guests at your wedding to wear white or black you’re always going to get someone who’s going to try and upstage the bride with a sexier white gown and at Kim K’s wedding the attention-seeker was Lindsay Lohan. However, while her OTT plunging necklace meant she got a few more admiring glances than the reality star, from the shoulders above LiLo gave everyone a fright with her scary botched botox job. She was less sultry and more bride of Frankenstein. Note to Linds: you’re only 25, the Jocelyn Wildenstein look is so not hot right now.

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