LiLo’s dad facing jail

15 Nov 2009

Michael Lohan could get prison time over leaked Lindsay tapes

LINDSAY LOHAN's dad MICHAEL could face prison for releasing taped phone conversations he had with the actress and her mother DINA .

Michael insists he's made the recordings public in a bid to get the Mean Girls star some help over her alleged addiction to prescription drugs.

In the secret recordings, Dina expresses her concerns over Lindsay, revealing the star self-mutilates and was allegedly in a relationship with Heath Ledger before he died.

Michael has now released another conversation to in which Dina can be heard raising concerns over Lindsay's alcohol consumption.

But the actions could come at a price - he is facing a possible stint behind bars after allegedly breaking a protective order banning him from contacting Dina.

She obtained the order in Nassau County, New York in 2005 - and her attorneys have already contacted the Nassau County District Attorney in connection with the tapes.