Lilly kidnap fears

Police did 'amazing job' in rescue
Wednesday , 03 September 2008
Lilly kidnap fears

Pop star LILY ALLEN has praised the efforts of U.K. police after they foiled an alleged kidnap plot involving one of her pals.

The Smile singer has confessed she was left "terrified" after it became apparent one of her close friends had been kidnapped by thugs, who demanded money in exchange for their safe return.

Allen's pal and a co-worker were allegedly held at gunpoint at their place of work in London before being taken to an unknown address and held hostage for a week.

The criminal gang subsequently contacted the pair's families to ask for a ransom of $133,600.

However, British police burst in to the address and released the unharmed hostages.

And Allen is pleased with the way the police handled the ordeal.

She writes on her MySpace blog, "Thank you to the Met for getting my friend back, we were all terrified and from what I hear you guys did an amazing job."
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