Lilly Allen - 'foolish', 'irresponsible'

The pal of LILY ALLEN who was at the centre of a kidnap plot has blasted the singer for speaking out about details of the crime - reportedly branding her actions as "appallingly irresponsible".
Thursday , 04 September 2008
Lilly Allen - 'foolish', 'irresponsible'

Allen praised the action of British police officers who foiled the plot, admitting the incident had left her "terrified" for her pal's safety.

The man, known only as CHARLIE, was allegedly taken from a sports shop in West London on 2 August (08), along with a co-worker, after an armed gang raided the store and forced the pair into the trunk of a car.

The criminal gang subsequently contacted the pair's families, asking for a ransom of $133,600. They were held hostage for seven days, but eventually rescued by police.

And Allen thanked officers involved while hosting the GQ Men Of The Year Awards ceremony in London on Tuesday (03Sep08), saying, "I just want to thank the Met Police. They did an incredible job. He was in the boot of a car being driven around London before he was found. It was all over money."

But police experts and the friend involved are said to be furious with the star for releasing details of the crime, which has yet to go to court, into the public domain, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

Scotland Yard's former police commander, JOHN O'CONNOR, insists it could jeopardise the case, calling Allen's actions "outrageous."

Five men have been charged in connection with the kidnapping. For daily celebrity news updates sign up to our newsletter