Lil Kim is Unrecognisable

The rapper stuns fans with her dramatically altered face
ByJJ AnisiobiWednesday , 04 May 2016
Lil Kim is Unrecognisable
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In the past we’ve all been guilty of questioning whether the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé have bleached their skin, or whether it’s the magazines featuring them that have lightened their appearance. However, when it comes to Lil Kim there’s no denying that she’s drastically altered her face to appear fairer skinned – and the internet hates her for it.
Bleach, Blonde & Black
Kim, 41, has been using plastic surgery and skin bleaching products for years – it’s not a secret. But she shocked fans with an Instagram post that made her look unrecognisable. As well as upgrading her weave to a better quality blonde wig, Kim (real name Kimberley Jones) also appears to have had major surgery, which some say hides her African American heritage and makes her look more “Asian”. Her nose is narrower, her face is slimmer and her cheekbones are higher. Her new face literally looks nothing like the rapper who became famous alongside titans Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy.
How Did She Do It?
Her face has even left dermatologists confused as to how she achieved the look, with Dr Shah telling “I can’t imagine she got these types of results from a lightening cream like hydroquinone. Although it’s a good lightening agent and is generally safe when used appropriately and under the supervision of a dermatologist, the use of higher-than-recommended concentrations and prolonged use can result in paradoxical darkening of the skin.” She added: “Although glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant in your body, there is no evidence that these treatments are safe or effective, and they can have serious negative consequences.” 
Lil Kim Needs Love
Angry fans have also criticised Lil Kim for “trying to fit in to what society sees a pretty by being more white.” “Wow, erm, why is Lil Kim white? She just lost so much respect in my books,” said one, with another chiming in saying: “When did Lil Kim morph into a 16-year-old blonde-haired, white teenage girl?” Some people were more sympathetic, suggesting that the artist must have insecurity issues. “I grew up listening to Lil Kim, I loved her because she was so confident and I admired that, not realising she was hurting.” Someone else commented: “Lil Kim is an example of how we must encourage black girls and boys to love themselves in a world where we’re programmed to hate ourselves.”

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