'Lightning' Prince Harry Races and Beats Usain Bolt

Naughty Hazza defeated the fastest man in the world with a little cheating
Wednesday , 07 March 2012
Harry's the fastest man in the world
Harry's the fastest man in the world
Bolt knows there's no winning
Bolt knows there's no winning
Harry and Bolt do the 'lightning Bolt' pose
Harry and Bolt do the 'lightning Bolt' pose

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, cheat. That could have been Prince Harry’s thought as he wondered how to trump the world's fastest man Usain Bolt in a race on 6 March. Hazza knew that there was no beating Bolt fair and square, so he got off to an early start while the top athlete was distracted.

Harry is in Jamaica on the latest stop of his world tour to mark Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee year, and, while there, he was challenged to go up against the island nation's hero sprinter Bolt. Both Harry’s competitive streak and cheeky sense of humour were out and running as he jumped the gun and set off along the track before Bolt was even out of the starting blocks.

The world 100 metre record holder gave chase but Harry, laughing all the way, still crossed the line ahead of him at the event at the University of the West Indies stadium in Kingston.

No ego issues for Bolt though, who hugged the prince after the race ended. Hazza was just as chilled out and even mimicked the runner’s signature ‘lightning Bolt’ pose.

He sure scored with that move and, wearing a tracksuit in Jamaica's national colours of black, green and gold just added to the Harry effect. Cute!  

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