Lifting Weights and Spirits With…Natalia Tsoulia

This ex-Olympic weightlifter from Greece is now showing the women of Dubai how to raise their game
Lifting Weights and Spirits With…Natalia Tsoulia
Natalia Tsoulia

“I have been weight lifting for 12 years. I love the sport and can talk about it nonstop,” says Natalia. The former athlete who represented Greece in 2004 no longer competes, but her passion for the sport hasn’t died. “I teach during my free time, which is about two or three times a week,” she explains. “I was trained by Olympic champions in Greece and I want to pass on to my students what I learned from them.” What may surprise people most about the sport says Natalia is that it doesn’t just work your body, but it helps focus your mind too. Now that’s what you call a total body workout.

"The strength it gives your body is incredible. And I believe it helps boost your confidence as well. I think that a lot of women avoid weight lifting because they’re afraid of building muscle and looking too masculine. I want to create awareness among women that this would never be the case. Weightlifting is still relatively new to the UAE, so I teach it to help introduce people to the techniques. Weight lifting forms the base of any sport. It helps you train for any activity. If you are involved in sport you should try it as it will help you achieve your future goals. A good weekly workout would be squats (three times a week), back squats (twice a week), snatch (60 per cent a day), and clean and jerk (80 per cent a day).

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